Pre-sale Service

1. With a complete product line to provide the relevant hardware components for the convenience of a purchase, as well as professional R & D team technical support the development of software / hardware integration, to understand and master customer needs, provide a complete technology integration resources to support customer development and design assistance Shorten the customer products listed before the time, to enhance customer products more competitive.
2. To provide detailed rigorous product pricing and technical documentation.
3. With the upstream supplier of good interaction, adequate supply, accurate stocking high quality.Professional    and technical advisory services, industry professional application engineers support. Support customers for product testing, to assist product development, for special parts for design or test conversion, and for market trends for analysis and recommendations to shorten the customer product development time and to find the efficiency of components with.

Sale Service

1. Genuine guarantee, the sale of products are guaranteed "original authentic, fake a penalty ten."
2. Professional logistics guarantee, speed logistics and distribution to the factory, arrived in time to ensure efficiency.

After-sales Service

1. Any customer needs is our most important thing.
2. To provide one year warranty (except for human damage).
3. To provide on-site technical support for the customer site troubleshooting.
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